Ever Have That … Aha! … Moment?

I recently had three different things “hit me” during my recent reading.  I love to read, love to get differing views and determine what I should take and build upon to bring value to my customers.

In the last week I’ve been reading “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell and just fascinated by his thinking.  He talks about culture being a key to who we are and how Outliers get to be who they are thru lots of hard work….he says 10,000 hours to become an expert.

Then I read a blog by Prudence Thompson of Egret Consulting.  Prudence is a veteran recruiter in the electrical industry and the following statement just jumped off the page…..” I’ve never had a client tell me that the reason they hired someone was because they believed the candidate wanted to make a difference. And yet, one of the most grounded attributes in a new employee is someone who wants to make a difference in your company. “

Then yesterday John Jantsch published a blog called “Has the Internet Made the Salesperson an Unnecessary Cost”.   I’ve been in sales for 30 plus years so that one really got my attention, had to read it at least twice.

For the past day these three “readings” have been floating around in my head and then it dawned on me, I had that “Aha! Moment” to understand they are all interrelated.

Outliers are people who “make a difference” in people’s lives and you can be an Outlier for your company…..that person Prudence says companies should hire because of the very trait of wanting to “make a difference”.  And that same trait of “making a difference” is what salespersons are going to have to do to bring value to their customers, to set them apart from the competition, so they don’t become what Jantsch calls a commodity salesperson.

Now ask yourself.  “Are you making a difference at the company where you work?”   If not, you absolutley need to figure out how to make a difference….. or find another company where you can make a difference.  Doing nothing will put you in the “unnecessary cost” category, not where you want to be in today’s difficult economy.

Of course the theme that runs through all three readings is it takes lots of hard work to “make a difference”.  That’s why most won’t do it, they always have a reason why it’s not worth the effort.  Which are you?


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